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Introduction of the Company:


ARSA Energy Company, a private Iranian company, began its activities in the upstream and downstream oil and gas industries in 2001, with the aim of meeting the needs of the country's oil industry and with the support of ARSA International Construction Company as a specialized parent company based on the high-level management capabilities and experience and employing experienced and expert human resources.

Relying on project management standards and utilizing the global standards of oil and gas industries in a fairly and productive competition with other partner companies, this company is trying to satisfy its employers and its customers by delivering timely and high quality projects.



Commitment to compliance with national and international quality, safety, health and environmental standards and regulations, as well as fulfillment of customer requirements to increase the level of satisfaction of stakeholders

Improving the quality of work methods in the headquarters and projects operations in order to manage time and cost correctly according to the program at all levels of the organization

Utilizing a dynamic system to keep up the level of equipment technology used in the operation, in order to provide optimal quality services

Reducing and controlling accidents

Reducing and controlling the harmful factors of the work environment

Reducing and controlling harmful factors for environment and complying with the requirements of the ecosystem

Continued training in the organization and continuous growth in technical and managerial departments


ARSA Energy Company, with a view to gaining top rank in drilling services and related technical services, and development, completion and exploitation of oil and gas fields as an Iranian company and, on the other hand, becoming one of the top contractors of technical services provider, supplier of specialized goods and executor of projects in the upstream and downstream areas of the country's oil and gas.


ARSA Energy Company intends to provide and meet all the technical and executive services required by its employers, by deploying an integrated management system, utilizing the knowledge and technology of the day, and upgrading its power capabilities in drilling projects and offshore drilling services, and also is trying to satisfy employers and associates as much as possible, by providing quality services, applying innovative methods to implement projects, and timely fulfilling obligations.


Increasing the effectiveness of the processes of quality management system and continuous movement towards continued improvement with the ultimate goal of improving company performance,

Commitment to observance Timing schedule and timely implementation of projects,

Increase the level of employer satisfaction

Increasing profitability and enhancing corporate finance

Establishing a capable, high-quality, efficient management and integrated services of onshore and offshore drilling services both inside and outside the country.

Development of infrastructure, software, facilities and technical equipment,

Establishing a proper structure for the construction and supply of equipment required in the country's oil and gas industries,

Entering new areas of drilling and technical services, as well as localization of knowledge and technology

Promoting work ethic and common-interest relationships with stakeholders and social responsibility

Issuing technical and engineering services abroad

Activities in the field of information technology and startups of oil, gas and energy industries

Subject of Activity and Fields of the Company:

The main activities of the company are as follows:

Services of development, production, completion and exploitation of oil and gas fields

Performing studying, technical and engineering services of oil and gas projects

Integrated management and implementation of drilling operations and drilling services

Participation with powerful companies in the field of technical services and technical support,

Investing in and entering modern drilling technologies and drilling services

Supply of goods and equipment for oil, gas and energy industries

Production and development of new and renewable energies in line with environmental goals