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Health & Safety Policy

ARSA management believes in HEALTH & SAFETY

Human resources are the greatest company's wealth and people have the right to work in a safe workplace without any risks threatening their health Equally, the company considers health & safety as important as any other objectives in the performance of its business. As Managing Director, I have overall responsibility for health & safety within ARSA. The management acknowledges its duty ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable the health & safety of all affected by company activities in any way.
Logical cornerstone of our activity is: Accidents can be prevented by identification and management of risk.
The health & safety management system should be developed, implanted and monitored appropriate to our work and based on national and international standards. Management of health & safety is an integral part of good management at all levels.
Hereby we declare that we provide the required resources to implement this health & safety policy and keep them update. Systematically, the health & safety responsibilities of all personnel should be defined and allocated and everyone is expected contribute to it by exercising his/her personal responsibility.
As the base of establishment of any system, training is necessary for employees to carry out their particular duties in health & safety management system and this will requires the provision of information, instruction , training ,and supervision appropriate to the company activities. First rate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate to the work possible hazards should be selected and by taking ll reasonably practicable steps, it must be ensure that it is used correctly by the relevant persons.
Emergency procedures should be provided, reviewed and updated; and it must be ensured that all employees understand their duties n case of an emergency.
This policy is applicable to all company’s operations and we cooperate with and monitor the performance of constructors who work with/ for us in terms of health & safety
Yardstick that used for statutory duties placed on ARSA is regarded as minimum standards. However, we intend to achieve best practice terms of health & safety in all that we do.