» Introduction ARSA » Mission & values Statement
ARSA Co. pursuits “growth and development of Iran” and “honor making of a creditable Iranian company in international markets through playing an effective role in construction and infrastructure service supply chain.
ARSA will deliver the highest value to its customers through:
  • Providing professional services in large projects
  • Management and execution of construction projects
  • Engineering and procurement management
  • Joining and cooperating in consortiums or joint ventures in EPC and FEPC projects
ARSA provides services for contracting companies in both domestic and international markets and delivers innovative infrastructure solutions in the following fields:
  • Water
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical projects
  • Power
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Plants development
  • Building construction
ARSA strives to meet its customer requirements by providing “unique, value-added and quality services package', by using innovative techniques in project execution and by instilling confidence into all parties through timelines.
ARSA Will distinguish its services from other companies relying upon its know-how and using the latest technology and through improving its capabilities” or “sharing abilities with creditable companies”.

Core values

With belief in divine values and in coordination with eternal traditions, ARSA Co. honors and respects human dignity in all its activities. We believe that “honesty and fairness”, ”loyalty and trust” and “observance of rules and laws” are that trust- making pillars of co-operation of ARSA with all beneficiaries.

Clients (employers)

ARSA acknowledges its responsibility towards clients (employers) and will not refuse any help, expertise and experience transfer in service delivery process.


ARSA, not only is, self-obliged to observe committed qualitative standards and agreements, but also suggests possible qualitative improvements to employers (clients). So ARSA is committed establish quality in “service supply chain” and to continuous improvement in its business processes.

Learning and innovation

Within ARSA, learning, in personal and organizational scale, is a belief and innovation is a specific value. Based on this, ARSA recognizes itself as the leader of projects that require localizing technology.


Employees are vital resources and essential capitals of ARSA. In addition to staff motivation and happiness, the care and concern that we have for our employees' health and safety enhance our ability to deliver quality project. And to achieve excellence, we allow our employees the opportunity to grow and prosper.

Stability of profits

ARSA believes in long-term profitability in the framework of “national objectives and goals and “its organization values”, and acknowledges that its credit and publicity among beneficiaries is the origin of its longevity.

Social responsibility

ARSA activities will always be value creator in “growth of national capital”. Also with belief in social responsibilities, ARSA is committed to observe life environment regulations.

Credit and publicity

The credit of the brand of ARSA in construction business will be reflected in “quality”, “on time delivery” and “excellence.